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Volume Compute Range - Houdini HDA (Visualize Scalar and Vector Volumes)

Updated: Aug 27

Volume compute range free hda, visualize scalar and vector volumes, free houdini HDA by arctiem, Rahul gupta is a FX TD, recent graduate of Gnomon school of visual effects
Volume Compute Range free HDA visualize scalar and vector volumes

Download HDA


- Visualize scalar and vector volumes

- Compute ranges

- Slice volumes and visualize velocities

- Visualize as points and polygons

I have included an Example file and a How-To video in the downloadable zip. Please feel free to dive in and pick apart the HDA to see how it works.

If you come across any bugs or problems with the functionality of the HDA, please email me at:

Alternatively, please reach out to me on Linkedin with any questions/suggestions:


Shout out to Junichiro Horikawa for his excellent VEX Skills, some of which were used to make this HDA!

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