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I am Rahul. I graduated recently from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood and am currently located in Miami, FL.

​I have been working extensively in Houdini for the past few years and love a challenge and developing procedural setups for FX.

​I would describe my art style somewhat more on the realistic/cinematic side, and that is definitely one (among others) of the areas I want to work in and explore further.

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Dynamic Simulations

Building procedural and efficient setups for pyro, flip, particle and rigid body simulations using Houdini. 
 Capacity to visualize, analyze and replicate dynamic behaviors of physically based simulations from reference.
Effects Rendering

Ability to work with a wide variety of rendering workflows including USD / Solaris.
• Expertise in lighting and shading FX to seamlessly integrate with live action plates.
• Proficiently organizing and layering sequences for efficient rendering and compositing.

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