I'm a 21 year old mixed media artist. My work spans multiple disciplines from concept art, storyboarding to 3D art and motion graphics. My work is representative of the mood / music I was into when I sat down to let my artistic expression flow. 80s retrowave aethetics have influenced a lot of the artwork that I have produced in the past 5 years. I studied in an art college in Paris, France in the first half of 2019 as an exchange student, and I believe my time there transformed me completely from the inside and out. I was exposed to European painters and artists and spent most of my six months there sketching or painting outside, sometimes in The Louvre or sometimes sitting by the River Seine with a plate of cheese. I managed to cut a few classes and go on a solo trip to ten countries in Europe in twenty days. I traveled to Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Vatican City, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Czech Republic. I have always been an avid traveler and travelling to ten countries in twenty days was one of the craziest and most ridiculous things that I've done and will probably ever do in my life. During my time there I studied art and architecture and vowed to follow the same work ethic that I was used to there in my work back home. Since coming back I havent looked back, I have constantly tried to transform myself into a better artist every single day. Not one day goes where I'm not working or concocting something creative.

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